“Rysa portrayed the role of a young Karenjit Kaur with ease and perfection. She was definitely the perfect fit for the character and was able to deliver a power packed performance. Playing the younger version of the lead protagonist, especially someone like Sunny Leone takes courage. Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone was an ambitious project as well as special for the entire ZEE5 Team. All the actors pulled it off with finesse and the reviews say it all. I am really proud of Rysa’s contribution and wish her all the success and happiness.”

Tarun Katial

“Rysa has an infectious charm that beautifully transpires on screen. She had to walk the tight rope of playing the influential years of the life of the real life person in Karenjit Kaur and Rysa has trumped with flying colours and has proved that she’s here for the long haul!”

Aditya Datt
Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

“It was a pleasure working with Rysa and I think Fahiman being around helped a lot. I honestly think Rysa has done a fab job. She is very passionate about acting and it shows in her performance. She is great at taking direction and then bringing in her own. She is also very mature for her age, which helps. Besides, she is s wonderful human being and was the darling of the entire team. Hope we work again soon on some project. Cheers!”

Arunava Joy Sengupta
Fresh Lime Films

“Rysa worked with us across the two seasons of our Web series , Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone. Let me first start with her attitude. Timely and friendly on the sets, Rysa showed a high interest to learn more from the senior actors. This ensured that not only everyone warmed upto her but also her own performance kept on improving across episodes. She is lively and her enthusiasm towards what she does is infectious on the sets. Brimming with sincerity, Rysa put in a lot of hard work and passion into her role resulting in an endearing portrayal of the character on the screen. The show became a Blockbuster in the OTT space and her performance in reviews across publications has been widely appreciated. It’s been a lovely experience for us all to work with her and we look forward to more opportunities to work again.”

Akash Chawla
Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

“Personally, Rysa has a rare ability of winning you over from the word go and not surprisingly that same ability transcends on screen the moment you see her as well! She’s a deadly cocktail of vulnerability and vivaciousness and her work and accolades she’s been receiving for Karenjit Kaur bear clear testament to that!”

Karan Sharma
Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

“The first thing that struck me about Rysa when I first saw her was her uncanny resemblance to our protagonist of the show Karenjit Kaur, the untold story of Sunny Leone. All I had first seen was a still image. Then came something that was even more uncanny – Rysa Saujani and Sunny Leone actually shared their date of birth. At that point I already knew that Rysa would play the part – the Universe had decided that. And when we saw her audition, we knew that we had made the perfect choice. Working with Rysa was a fabulous experience – despite her young age, she is mature, understanding and extremely talented as an actor. Her ability to get under the skin of a young Sunny Leone was just amazing, considering there was hardly any time for her to prepare for the role. I wish the little Saujani all the best and I do know instinctively that she will go far in her career in the field of performing arts.”

Niranjan Kaushik
Writer, Director, Producer
SkyNinja India

“I met this shy young girl at my London shoot and once this kid was ready on set, she had transformed into a confident, methodical and pragmatic actor. Rysa is truly gifted. She knows what she is doing, has great aptitude towards work, a great understanding of character and wants to improve each take and at the same time, she is a learner too. Her passion to give the best is admirable. Her polite temperament and respectful nature reflects how beautifully she has imbibed and assimilated the growing up years at home, school and her surroundings. Certain people are born only for their passionate profession but discover it late. Rysa is born to be an actress. Discovered at the right time a star actress!! Thankfully, her parents supported her at the right age. She chose a beautiful character to play and I find her to be a true actress. My best wishes to Rysa in all the future endeavours.”

Prawaal Raman

“From the moment I gave my first shot with Rysa Saujani, I knew I was working with a young girl who had immense potential and a great future. Rysa has an innate capability to get under the skin of the character that she is portraying and the gift of being able to surrender to the soul of that character. What that translates to for the viewer of her performance is a portrayal that is at once honest, authentic and mesmerising. It was a delight working with this brilliant young girl who has impressed everyone on the sets of Karenjit Kaur with her dedication, hard work and professionalism. I am positive that she is going to go places real soon.”

Bijay Anand

“As a child artist, I met Rysa on the set of DOBAARA, the Official adapatation of the Hollywood movie, OCULUS which was shot at London in 2015. I knew that very time that this STAR will shine for sure, as an actor very well with her flawless and natural acting. She is a born actor and any Director will be very happy to work with her. Though Rysa was a child at that time, she was very professional about her work. She was full of fun and always carried a million dollars smile on her face. All my best wishes for Rysa’s upcoming film and many more to come.”

Dharmendra Raval
Executive Producer
Thoth Venture

“Being a good photographic model is fairly straight forward but being a GREAT model takes all those undefinable qualities that Rysa has in abundance – the right attitude, the right look, the ability to express emotion, being confident, being comfortable in front of the camera, and above all conveying the essence of her own personality. Rysa brings all these qualities to every shoot which is why she remains my favourite photographic model. Shooting with Rysa is such a delight because of her excellent positive attitude both on and off set, a good example being the way in which Rysa always arrives promptly and is always perfectly presented and ready to shoot. When on set Rysa responds to direction without hesitation and puts her own fresh thoughts and ideas into any scene which makes the whole photographic process totally enjoyable from the first frame to the last. Rysa has a professionalism beyond her years and I always look forward to working with her.”

David Rutter LRPS
Royal Photographic Society

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Rysa on a couple of occasions and I can honestly say that she is a very special young lady. Rysa has a wonderfully warm and engaging manner and approaches everything with a smile, on the occasions we worked together she took direction exceptionally well and was also able to improvise when challenged. I am extremely proud to be a part of her journey and I am sure she will go from strength to strength. In closing Rysa is a beautiful, bright, and extremely talented young lady who will be an asset to any future production that she is a part of. I look forward to seeing her star shine brightly in the years to come and wish her good luck in all she does.”

Tim Ladd
Fashion Photographer

“Rysa is a wonderfull young actress. Very original and sparkling! I shared a special bond with her as she started her TV and film journey by doing a TV commercial that I directed. On her first day in front of camera and crew she did great. Very natural and takes instructions easily. I wish her all the best ahead. I’m sure she will win lots of accolodes and popularity in days to come.”

Sudipto Sarkar
Writer, Director
Flame Visuals London

“I am really happy for Rysa as I remember the day she came to my Studio, MusicnChilli in London, for her first music lesson. On that day, I said to her family and Rysa that she’s a very talented girl. What impressed me the most was her detailed work in her acting and performing with singing. I had a conversation with Rysa and noticed her ability to think deep as a 10 year old girl and that was impressive. What I learnt about her was how clear she was about achieving her goals and how confident she was at such a young age. I am very glad Rysa is doing films, and how she is progressing in her career. I wish her the best of luck for the future.”

Ricky Farooqi
Executive Music Producer
MusicnChilli Studio London

“Rysa is a natural and it’s great to see that she’s doing well! She’s full of energy, vibrant and intelligent and it’s lovely to see her doing good work already. All the best dear Rysa!”

Gautum Kapur
Supermodel and Author
Founder Be Conscious Nutrition

“Rysa is a delight to work with. She knew her lines and was well prepared for the character. During our scenes together, I was pleasantly surprised when I suggested her something and she immediately picked it up. Rysa understood what I was trying to convey which is absolutely amazing at her age.”

Grusha Kapoor

I worked with Rysa in “Dobaara” the official adaptation of the Hollywood psychological thriller, Oculus where she perfectly played a younger Huma Qureshi in the role of a troubled Young Nantasha. Rysa is a fabulous actress and a talent to look out for in the future. It was a pleasure working with her. To see her play the role as the young Sunny Leone in Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone is fabulous. I wish Rysa all the best in her future endeavours.”

Vinayak Dubey
1st Assistant Director

Rysa is born star! She is a fabulous actor. I’ve known Rysa as a child actor in the Bollywood film Dobaara, the official remake of the Hollywood film Oculus. She played her role very naturally and flawlessly and is very devoted to her work. I can remember in Dobaara we used to have long shifts and she never complained and was always ready to give her best take. Rysa is a very multi-talented actor and played here role very well. Directors don’t have to work hard when she’s acting for them. She is true professional and was always prepared on set with all her dialogues and it doesn’t take long for her to get into the character. Rysa, on set was friendly, very cheerful with everybody and always having a smile. It won’t take her long to achieve her goals. I wish Rysa great success in her professional career and in life. With all my best wishes always to Rysa.

Jitendra Kava
Production Designer

“What do I say about Rysa…. exuberant, intellectual, talented and pretty…. spreads cheer and vibrancy all round and never ceases to surprise me. All the best in your new ventures, darling Rysa.”

Tarini Kapur

“I first met Rysa when she was just 6 years old. It was as clear then as it is now that she is a ‘Natural Born Star’. I have been in the music business for 10 years and so I knew that I was seeing a star in the making. You are just drawn to her! You have no choice but watch and listen to her. She just grabs your attention and has amazing stage presence. I recommended Rysa attend Silvia Young Theatre Academy which she did to further enhance her skills and learn the craft. Having watched her career progress consistently over the years from singing and dancing, modelling and now acting, there is no denying Rysa Saujani. I sincerely wish Rysa all the best and luck for her future.”

Al Malik
Executive Producer
Iconoclast Music Publishing London

“I have known Rysa since she was 3 years old and it’s amazing to see her evolve to become a beautiful young girl. Besides being street smart, amazingly kind and a compassionate human being, she is a born actor. Her ability to emote in front of a crowd on stage or in front of the camera in a controlled manner at such a young age is mind-blowing. She is confident, a good listener and very committed to her work. I wish Rysa all the best to scale new heights in life both personally and professionally.”

Shawn Stephen Vessaokar
Founder & Managing Director